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The Antitrust Merger Case Tracker lists ongoing merger cases under consideration at the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Competition and the Department of Justice Antitrust Division in the year 2020. The tracker displays public information on each of the cases, including the individuals involved from both the government agencies and the corporations, law firms, and economic advisory firms active in each case.

How To Use The Tracker

You may explore the data by three categories: Merger Cases, Individuals, and Organizations. 

Merger Cases can be filtered by Oversight Agency, Business Sector, Government Division, and Case Status, and are searchable by keyword. When selecting a filter, the rest of the options will update as well. For example, selecting “Manufacturing” from the Business Sector list will update the Oversight Agency, Division, and Case Status dropdown lists to reflect how many “Manufacturing” cases exist for each of those options. 

Business Sectors are assigned by NAIC codes for the relevant firms; the DOJ assigns NAIC codes to each case, while the Revolving Door Project assigned codes for the FTC cases. See the list of NAIC codes

Cases are listed in order of most recently updated. Cases without public DOJ or FTC filings may not have a first filing date, but will be listed as last updated according to the most recent public news report on the case.

Individuals can be filtered by case involvement and employer, as well as Revolver status and marked conflicts of interest, and are searchable by name. 

The Revolver criteria is: Leaving staff-level or above government service for the private sector after 5 or more years, or, joining government with a high-profile management role from the private sector. 

Organizations can be filtered by case and organization type, and are searchable by name. The organization types are: Company, Economic Advisory Firm, Government Agency and Law Firm.


All information in the tracker comes from FTC, DOJ and SEC filings, news reports, research articles, professional biographies including Linkedin pages, and corporation, law firm and economic consulting firm websites and press releases. We use this information to not only describe the case, but link individuals to them. However, there may be individuals involved on either side of the aisle with no public documents linking them to the case. Therefore, there may be relevant individuals who we are unable to record in the tracker.

FTC Merger Cases and Proceedings
DOJ Antitrust Case Filings
Early Termination Notices


The tracker is a work in progress, and we are continuing to add cases as they are opened as well as adding in 2020 cases that received early termination approval.

The information in this tracker is accurate to the best of our knowledge. This tool is meant to be thorough but it should not be considered comprehensive. If you see anything that you believe is incorrect, have any questions about our methodology, or think we’ve missed something important please let us know by emailing [email protected]

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