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April 18, 2024

Jeff Hauser Sarah Lipton-Lubet Lisa Graves

Press Release Ethics in GovernmentJudiciarySupreme Court

RELEASE: Watchdog Orgs And Court Reform Advocates Debut New Database Cataloging Right-Wing Groups' Amicus Briefs, Connections To SCOTUS Justices

Today, Take Back the Court, Revolving Door Project, and True North Research released a new database highlighting the troubling connections between the Supreme Court’s right-wing justices, the right-wing organizations that have weighed in on cases before the court, and the major donors funding them

April 18, 2024

Timi Iwayemi

Public Comment Corporate CrackdownEthics in GovernmentTreasury Department

Advocacy Groups Comment On Biden Administration Rule To Combat Money Laundering In The Real Estate Sector

The Revolving Door Project joined Transparency International and other advocacy groups to provide comments on the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s (“FinCEN”) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“NPRM”) to combat and deter money laundering in the U.S. residential real estate sector by increasing transparency.

April 15, 2024

Ananya Kalahasti Fatou Ndiaye

Interview 2024 ElectionCongressional OversightExecutive BranchGovernment Capacity

Unpacking The Federal Executive Branch, A Conversation With Vanderbilt University Professor David Lewis

Coverage of presidential elections typically hones in on contestants’ competing legislative visions, which in truth, tend to morph considerably when hit by the reality of an intransigent Congress. This prompts an important question: are presidential elections overrated? Well, before drawing that conclusion, consider one of the underrated consequences of a federal election: the potential for a new administration to alter the management of the federal workforce and the operations of individual departments within the executive branch. Although journalists eschew reporting of these consequences in favor of (legislatively focused) policy platforms and rallies, there is a wide body of academic research which investigates the impact of presidential administrations on the federal executive branch’s ability and capacity to fulfill its roles and responsibilities. 

April 09, 2024 | The Texas Observer

Toni Aguilar Rosenthal

Op-Ed Ethics in GovernmentState Attorneys General


The attorney general’s close ties to Texas’ right-wing think tank and its large network of uber-wealthy donors and special interests.

Ken Paxton has spent almost the entirety of his decade leading the Office of the Texas Attorney General while also under felony indictment for alleged securities fraud. Yet, like every other time Paxton has faced allegations of wrongdoing, including misuse of office, retaliatory firings, and criminal misdeeds, he has once again managed to evade real punishment. By no small measure, this has been enabled by Paxton’s masterful use of state resources to court (and to bolster) the influence of extremely well-funded conservative legal organizations and networks, at the expense of the public interests he is supposed to represent, and to defend.

April 05, 2024

Kenny Stancil Timi Iwayemi Jeff Hauser

Press Release ClimateFederal ReserveFinancial Regulation

RELEASE: When It Comes To Climate-Related Financial Risk, The Fed Needs To Get Its Head Out Of The Sand

Biden erred with his renomination of Powell, but if he gets another chance, he must choose a central bank leader dedicated to properly tackling the myriad challenges facing the Fed, which range from price stability and full employment to financial stability and climate-related financial risk.