Elizabeth Warren

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The information in this tracker is accurate to the best of our knowledge. This tool is meant to be thorough but it should not be considered comprehensive. If you see anything that you believe is incorrect, have any questions about our methodology, or think we’ve missed something important please let us know by emailing oversight@cepr.net




Name Organization Job Title Sector Donation Amount Bundler
Richard Cordray Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director $5600 NO
Leo Hindery InterMedia Partners Managing Partner Finance Private Equity, Media/Entertainment, and Telecommunications $1000 NO
Caroline Kennedy Boeing Board Member Bailout Relevant - Airlines and Politics $775 NO
Ann Johnson Microsoft Corporate Vice President Tech $500 NO
Ken Norton Google Senior Operating Partner Media/Entertainment and Tech $2847 NO
Greg Corrado Google Senior Research Director Tech $2500 NO
Shantonu Sen Apple Manager Tech $5000 NO
James Grosbach Apple Senior Software Engineering Manager Finance and Tech $2800 NO
Mark Adler Apple Technology Engineering Manager Defense and Tech $2800 NO
John McNally GIlead Sciences Executive Director Pharmaceutical $1000 NO
Robert Cuddihy Amgen Vice President US Medical Affairs Healthcare and Pharmaceutical $1000 NO
Gregory Noonan Hogan Lovells LLP Partner Finance, Healthcare, and Law $2800 NO
Michael Lewis Sidley Austin Partner Finance Banking and Law $2800 NO
Greg Jones Aetna Senior Director, Public Policy Healthcare $250 NO
David Fox Kirland and Ellis LLP Partner Finance Private Equity and Law $1000 NO
Bradley Kay Two Sigma Investments Vice President Finance Hedge Fund $1000 NO
Brandon Partridge Consumer Brands Association Senior Vice President, Member Engagement Agriculture/Big Food and Retail $2800 NO
Laurie Campbell ank of America Merrill Lynch Managing Director Finance Banking $1000 NO
Morris Pearl Agenda Project Policy Director Finance and Politics $2700 NO
Paul McNeil “Neil” Penick Stanford, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies Senior Associate Director for Development and External Relations $500 NO
Tom Campion Zumiez Co-Founder Retail $2800 NO
Tom Safran Thomas Safran & Associates Chairman Real Estate $2800 NO
Martha Samuelson Analysis Group CEO Consulting, Finance, and Law $2800 NO
Crystal English Sacca Lowercase Capital Chief Creative Officer Finance Venture Capital $2800 NO
Michael Auerbach Albright Stonebridge Group Senior Vice President Consulting, Finance Venture Capital, and Tech $2000 NO
Steve Dow Dow Capital Partners General Partner Finance Venture Capital and Tech $2800 NO
Pamela Wickham Raytheon Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Communications Defense, Healthcare, and Tech $1750 NO
James Mangold Tree Line Film Director Media/Entertainment $1300 NO
April Underwood Wise Owl Founder and CEO Finance Venture Capital, Real Estate, and Tech $2800 NO
Michael J Schell Alcoa Executive Vice President Finance Banking and Law $2800 NO
Marc Bodnick Telepath Co-Founder Finance Private Equity, Finance Venture Capital, and Tech $250 NO
Matt Rogers Nest Co-Founder Tech $500 NO
Fred Eychaner Newsweb Corporation Chairman Media/Entertainment $2800 NO
Jeffrey Katzenberg Quibi Founder Media/Entertainment $2800 NO
Alan Solomont Tufts University Dean Finance Banking, Healthcare, and Politics $2800 NO
Pinney Allen Democratic Party of Georgia Chair, Voter Protection Law and Politics $515 NO
Robert Barber Prince Lobel Attorney Law and Politics $1291 NO
Barbara Lee Barbara Lee Family Foundation Founder Finance Private Equity $2800 NO
Nick Hanauer Second Avenue Partners Co-Founder and Partner Finance Venture Capital $2800 NO

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