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The information in this tracker is accurate to the best of our knowledge. This tool is meant to be thorough but it should not be considered comprehensive. If you see anything that you believe is incorrect, have any questions about our methodology, or think we’ve missed something important please let us know by emailing [email protected]




Name Organization Job Title Sector Donation Amount Bundler
Elliot Schrage Facebook Vice President of Special Projects Consulting, Public Relations, Retail, and Tech $500 NO
Elizabeth Hamren Microsoft Corporate Vice President Tech $250 NO
Hamid Moghadam Prologis Chairman & CEO Real Estate $2800 NO
Josh Bekenstein Bain Capital Co-Chair Consulting and Finance Private Equity $2800 NO
Alison Ward BNY Mellon Senior Vice President and Senior Wealth Director Finance $1000 NO
Carrie Pomerantz Charles Schwab Foundation Board Chair and President Finance $300 NO
Donald Sussman Paloma Partners Advisors Founder Finance Hedge Fund $2800 NO
Lisa Perry Lisa Perry Brand Designer Consulting and Finance Hedge Fund $2800 NO
Mitchell Berger Berger Singerman Attorney Law and Real Estate $2800 NO

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