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Press Release | October 4, 2022

Possible Treasury Secretary Is Anti-Worker, Anti-Choice, Pro-Monopoly, Pro-Corporate

Possible Treasury Secretary Is Anti-Worker, Anti-Choice, Pro-Monopoly, Pro-Corporate

Contact: Max Moran, [email protected]

Possible Treasury Secretary Is Anti-Worker, Anti-Choice, Pro-Monopoly, Pro-Corporate 

Last week, Axios reported that the White House is “quietly preparing for the potential departure of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen after the midterms,” which has long been rumored. Rumors also swirl that Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo is eager to take over the Treasury, which she initially tried to secure during the 2020 Presidential transition.

Revolving Door Project Executive Director Jeff Hauser said “Promoting Gina Raimondo would contradict every part of Biden’s rightly celebrated economic achievements.”

“Biden is the most pro-worker President in living history; Gina Raimondo consistently sells out unions.”

“The Democrats have renewed their commitment to reproductive rights after the overturn of Roe v. Wade; Gina Raimondo made abortion access harder in Rhode Island.”

“Biden has revitalized the American anti-monopoly tradition; Gina Raimondo protected Big Pharma’s monopoly on COVID-19 vaccines and does the bidding of Big Tech monopolies.”

“Biden has made historic investments in the American social safety net, and proposed even more permanent aid to struggling families; Gina Raimondo tried to illegally slash aid to Rhode Island’s most vulnerable families in the middle of a surge in the pandemic.”

“The only people who would benefit from a Raimondo Treasury are C-Suite executives and their cronies, including members of far-right group ALEC that praised her signature policy as Rhode Island Governor. If Biden enjoys his reputation as the most accomplished progressive president of the last 60 years, he cannot and must not promote Raimondo.”

Gina Raimondo Is Anti-Worker

Gina Raimondo Prized Big Pharma’s Profits Over Lives In The Developing World:

  • Raimondo oversees the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). When India and South Africa pleaded with the rest of the world to waive IP restrictions on COVID-19 vaccines, so that corporations couldn’t restrict supply to drive up prices, Raimondo went to bat for Big Pharma and fiercely opposed U.S. support for the waiver.

Gina Raimondo Does Big Tech’s Bidding:

Gina Raimondo Made Abortion Harder To Access In Rhode Island:

Gina Raimondo Demolished Rhode Island’s Social Safety Net:


PHOTO CREDIT: “Governor Gina Raimondo at the Bristol Fourth of July Parade 2017” by Kenneth Zirkel is licensed under CC-SA-4.0.

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