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The Fairness Doctrine Strikes Again

Media Outlets are Calling Republicans’ Austerity Pushes a Debt Ceiling “Showdown”

Dylan Gyauch-Lewis, January 20th, 2023

If you haven’t heard, the United States government just hit its debt ceiling – it’s borrowed as much as it can. Sort of. The Treasury Department has actually bought some time with some good old fashioned financial finagling. Unfortunately, a number of media outlets are massively mischaracterizing the issue… Read More

New York Times Uses Bahamian Third Person To Carry Weight For A Con

On the 2nd day of Christmas NYT gave to me…a textbook example of how to excuse white-collar crime.

Julian Scoffield, Dylan Gyauch-Lewis, and Max Moran, January 13th, 2023

On December 26, 2022, New York Times reporter Rob Copeland published an article titled, “In the Bahamas, a Lingering Sympathy for Sam Bankman-Fried.” “Residents there [in the Bahamas] have a generous view of the disgraced FTX founder, who has been accused of misusing billions of dollars in customer funds,” Copeland writes. However, rather than convincingly argue his point, Copeland instead relies on the sentiments of (often unnamed) Bahamian citizens, SBF’s philanthropic history, and supposed differences between white-collar and blue-collar crime to manufacture sympathies for the former crypto billionaire… Read More

Why Are We Reading Jamie Dimon’s Eighth-Grade Social Studies Essay?

A wealthy businessman’s opinions aren’t newsworthy just because he’s a wealthy businessman.

Max Moran, January 6th, 2023

Jamie Dimon is not a foreign policy expert. He has never studied international relations. He has never worked in diplomacy. He runs the multinational banking firm JPMorgan Chase, but as the CEO, he presumably doesn’t personally analyze international commerce or get deep into the weeds on policy minutiae with foreign dignitaries. Even if he did, global banking rules are just one small part of foreign policy. They’re not the same thing as writing treaties, managing alliances, or projecting a clear philosophy of when military intervention is or isn’t justified… Read More

Meet the former Biden Advisor Using “Climate Advocacy” as a Trojan Horse for Corporate Interests

Don’t be fooled by her green-sounding credentials – Heather Zichal is a revolver for hire.

Emma Marsano, December 19th, 2022

With the Senate’s rejection of Senator Joe Manchin’s permitting reform legislation as a notable exception, last week was a bad one for fossil fuel disasters and corporate accountability. In Kansas, a Keystone pipeline leak caused the largest US crude oil spill in a decade. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, investigators found ongoing gas leaks in Equitrans’ pipeline storage facilities that released massive amounts of methane in November — enough to erase 50% of emission gains from US electric vehicles sales this year… Read More