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February 09, 2019 | The Daily Beast

Jeff Hauser Eleanor Eagan


2020 Election/TransitionRevolving Door

‘Middle Class Joe’ Biden Courts Wall Street Oligarch, BlackRock’s Larry Fink

Ever since Donald Trump secured the presidency in 2016, there have been those who have argued that Joe Biden is the Democrats’ only chance at victory in 2020. Why? He plays well with working- and middle-class voters who might otherwise vote for Trump. While many question the merits of this assessment, it appears that at least one important figure has embraced this interpretation: “Middle Class Joe” Biden (his nickname, he assures us).

January 12, 2019 | The Huffington Post

Jeff Hauser


2020 Election/TransitionCongressional Oversight

Prosecute Donald Trump To The Full Extent Of The Law

Want Americans to feel like the country is fair? Think the rule of law is important? Prosecute powerful people when they commit crimes. Even people who worked for a president. Even a former president.

The story of 21st-century America is complex, but the narrative of powerful people behaving terribly and getting away with it is arguably the common thread.