Jeff Hauser

Executive Director

Areas of Focus: Political Corruption, Law and Politics, Executive Branch Appointments, Corporate Political Influence, Government Ethics, Conduct of Political Campaigns

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Jeff Hauser is the founder and Executive Director of the Revolving Door Project. He is regularly cited by a broad array of media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The American Prospect, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Politico, Washington Post, HuffPost, and The Intercept. Leading political figures in the United States regularly seek his input concerning corporate influence and ethics in government, and he has also been flown to Brussels to advise members of the European Parliament on the revolving door problem.

Before founding Revolving Door Project in 2015, Hauser spent more than three years leading the AFL-CIO’s political media, economic policy outreach, and labor communications for their immigration reform campaign.

Hauser brings a wide variety of expertise in politics and the progressive movement learned from running a congressional campaign and as the deputy campaign manager of the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR, since renamed America’s Voice).

It was Hauser’s frustration as a young trust-buster in the George W. Bush-era Justice Department that taught him the power of the executive branch and provided the zeal for reform that is now funneled into the Revolving Door Project.

In addition to the AFL-CIO, CCIR, and DOJ, Hauser has worked at, served as executive director of Majority Action and Accountability Now, and as campaign manager of Shulman for Congress. His first jobs in politics were working for Wes Clark’s 2004 presidential campaign and then serving as political director for the National Jewish Democratic Council from 2004 until early 2007.

Hauser is a graduate of Harvard College (1995) and N.Y.U. School of Law (2001).

Contact Jeff at [email protected].

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