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Blog Post | May 11, 2020

Presidential Power Map Provides Road Map to Potential 2020 Transition

2020 Election/Transition

The Revolving Door Project’s “Presidential Power Map” provides an easy-to-understand snapshot of 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidates’ support by sector. By breaking down high-dollar support in this way, this tool encourages users to draw direct lines between big money fundraising and a president’s choices regarding personnel and executive power. Using the “Presidential Power Map,” members of the Revolving Door Project’s team have begun to tease out these connections and to consider what they might mean for the composition and priorities of a future administration. 

Below you will find a selection of these works: 

Apple Gets a Boot in Joe Biden’s Door by Max Moran

Private Equity is Making COVID-19 in Nursing Homes Even Worse. A President Biden Could do Something About it. by Mariama Eversley

Will Biden Rein in Private Equity’s Hold on Healthcare? by Mariama Eversley

Diplomacy by Donors by Joshua Timi Iwayemi

Biden’s Ties to Immigration Enforcement Run Through BigTech by Miranda Litwak

Biden’s No Trumpian Real Estate Tycoon, But Still Receives Heavy Real Estate Backing by Eleanor Eagan 

2020 Election/Transition

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