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Press Release | June 8, 2021

E. Jean Carroll Decision Highlights Garland's Systemic Protection Of Trump Policies

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E. Jean Carroll Decision Highlights Garland's Systemic Protection Of Trump Policies

Contact: Max Moran, [email protected]

Today, the Revolving Door Project’s Jeff Hauser and Max Moran published “Merrick Garland Has Become Donald Trump’s Legal Defender,” which catalogues and explains why President Biden’s Attorney General has systematically defended Trump-era policies across the board. The article, which was drafted even before news broke of Garland shielding Donald Trump from a defamation suit over credible rape allegations, covers immigration; racial justice; environmental; and transparency policies. Read the article in The New Republic here.

Revolving Door Project Executive Director Jeff Hauser said the following:

“We have been anxious about Garland from the day he was announced, and his decisions have only confirmed and re-confirmed our suspicions. Let’s be clear: there is absolutely no compelling reason Garland has to maintain the racist, misogynistic, planet-destroying, and corporatist legal stances of the Trump administration. He and his team can drop cases, or reverse DOJ positions, whenever they decide doing so promotes equal justice under law. Trump, Sessions, Barr, and their minions had no commitment to the rule of law, and Biden was elected to make the government lawful again. Garland has not done so because of a calcified, narrow, and scarily naive understanding of what it means to lead the Department of Justice: that is, to only ever do things the way they’ve been done before, and not necessarily in the way which actually advances justice.”


The Revolving Door Project has been tracking Garland DOJ legal decisions which continue Trump-era policies here.

We have a directory from April of our work watch-dogging the DOJ here.

We have written about failures in Garland’s criminal justice regime:

We have also documented concerns with the US Attorneys offices and nomination processes:

We have also written about several appointees, nominees, or possible contenders for key DOJ jobs:

  • Lisa Monaco (Deputy Attorney General)
  • Todd Kim (Environment and Natural Resources Division nominee.)
  • Brian Netter (head of the Federal Programs Branch, which defends the legality of government policies.)
  • Leslie Caldwell (possible U.S. attorney nominee)

In addition, we have fully opened a trove of research files on possible Antitrust Division nominees to the public. Read those here

PHOTO: “US Senator Chuck Schumer Meets With US Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland At United States Capitol” by Senate Democrats is licensed under CC GA 2.0.

Department of JusticeExecutive Branch
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