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Blog Post | February 3, 2023

Revolving Door Project Reading List: The Justice Department

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The Justice Department was deliberately weaponized under Trump to advance and defend his corrupt agenda. How successfully has Biden’s Justice Department, led by Attorney General Merrick Garland, replaced Trump appointees and policies, and charted a new course towards a more just interpretation and application of the law? 

Below, we’ve compiled a non-comprehensive reading list of some of our work from the past year plus on the Justice Department, and its all-important, uneven progress out of Trump’s long shadow.

De-Trumpification and Personnel Critiques

  • “The Trump Administration Made a Mockery of the Law. Why Hasn’t Biden Tossed its Cases?” Litigation tracker documenting ongoing lawsuits where Biden administration lawyers maintain positions adopted under Trump. Revolving Door Project Blog, January 2023. (Press release here.)
  • “Corrupt Cuffari and our Continued Case for De-Trumpification.” Revolving Door Project Blog, August 2022
  • “Why Is Merrick Garland Defending Donald Trump?” The New Republic, June 2021

U.S. Attorneys

  • “Thirty Percent of US Attorney’s Offices Are Still Without Nominees.” Revolving Door Project Blog, January 2023
  • “Biden Appears to Heed Advocates’ Demands, Seek New Nominee for US Attorney in Eastern District of Tennessee.” Revolving Door Project Blog, February 2023
  • “Biden’s Second Chance Not To Nominate Casey T. Arrowood.” Revolving Door Project Blog, January 2023 

Environment and Climate

  • “Why Is Merrick Garland Sticking with Donald Trump on Climate Lawsuits?” Washington Monthly, August 2022
  • “Corporate Crackdown Project Report: The Department of Justice.” RDP report exploring how the Biden administration can mobilize existing powers and responsibilities of the DOJ to tackle the climate crisis. May 2022
  • “Where the Government’s Environmental Lawyers Stand.” The American Prospect, March 2022
  • “Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice Is Perpetuating Climate Destruction.” The American Prospect, December 2021
  • “Corporate BigLaw Is Infiltrating The DOJ, Jeopardizing Necessary Climate Action.” Revolving Door Project Blog, July 2021

Civil Division

  • “DOJ Civil: Progressives Should Pay Attention To The Actions Of This Powerful Litigating Division.” Talking Points Memo, January 2022
  • “The Trump Officials Still Running Biden’s Justice Department.” The American Prospect, December 2021
  • “How Biden Can Protect Students From Predatory For-Profit Colleges.” The American Prospect, November 2021
  • “Justice Department Shot Through With Corporate Influence.” The American Prospect, May 2021
  • “Revolver Spotlight: Brian Netter,” May 2021


  • “Enforcement: The Untapped Resource.” Cracking down on corporate wrongdoers is smart populist politics—and can be sold to the deficit hawks as well. Democracy Journal, August 2022
  • “Open Letter to President Biden on Executive Gun Control Actions.” InsideSources, August 2022
  • “Biden Gave Most Corporate Crimes A Pass This Winter, New Analysis Shows.” March 2022
  • Press Release: “With Jan. 6 Public Hearings on the Horizon, Garland Must Deliver Actual Accountability.” Revolving Door Project Blog, June 2022
  • “The Bureau Of Prisons Needs New Leadership, Now,” Talking Points Memo, December 2021


  • “The Revolving Door In Federal Antitrust Enforcement.” RDP white paper presenting new evidence of the extent and impact of the revolving door at both the leadership and staff levels between the Department of Justice Antitrust Division and the Federal Trade Commission and corporate-aligned entities. Revolving Door Project Blog, June 2022
  • “DOJ Leaders With Actual Conflicts (Unlike Jonathan Kanter) Refuse to Recuse.”  Revolving Door Project Blog, June 2022
  • “Coalition Urges DOJ to Grant Jonathan Kanter a Waiver to Lead on Google Cases.” Revolving Door Project Blog, May 2022
  • “Putting Biden’s Antitrust Budget Increases In Context.” Revolving Door Project Blog, April 2022
2020 Election/TransitionAdministrative LawClimateDepartment of JusticeGovernance

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