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April 21, 2020

Jeff Hauser

Press Release

Congressional Oversight

This Time Around, Congress Must Implement Meaningful Oversight of SBA Loan Programs

Congressional leaders have finally reached a deal to replenish the SBA COVID response loan programs temporarily after days of negotiations. Putting aside the tragically narrow parameters of this deal, House Democrats should only be acceding to further funding these ill-designed programs after they have secured effective oversight of the Trump Administration’s heretofore bumbling execution of the law.

April 15, 2020

Eleanor Eagan

Blog Post

ClimateFinancial RegulationIndependent Agencies

Freshman Legislators Advance a Courageous Plan to Address Economic Fragility

This crisis has shattered any illusions that our post-financial crisis framework is resilient enough to withstand the challenges of the future. Coronavirus has, in particular, uncovered one of our most fundamental, persistent weaknesses: our continued inability to anticipate and prepare for new financial risks. For this ill-preparedness, we have powerful actors like BlackRock, the asset management giant and political titan, to thank. In an effort to avoid more stringent regulation, BlackRock and others not only evaded scrutiny for their own contributions to systemic risk, but virtually destroyed the mechanisms designed to examine such risk across the wider economy.

April 11, 2020 | Washington Monthly

Max Moran


Revolving DoorTech

How Big Tech Is Preparing for a Biden Presidency

If Joe Biden wins in November, you can bet that Big Tech’s representatives will do the same thing as every other industry’s political strategists: scour the list of more than four thousand appointments across the executive branch the new president needs to make, and figure out which of their loyalists are ready for a spin through the government’s revolving door.

April 09, 2020 | The American Prospect

Eleanor Eagan


Congressional Oversight

Congress Must Have Skipped the First Three Seasons of Trump Reality Show

The coronavirus pandemic created an imperative for action that even Mitch McConnell could not ignore. In the space of just a few weeks, Congress passed three major pieces of legislation, including the largest fiscal package in this country’s history. Now, however, lawmakers have hunkered down in the safety of their in-district homes, while the Trump administration sets about administering newly appropriated funds with little challenge. It is doing a predictably poor job.

Legal Research Consultant, Revolving Door Project

The Revolving Door Project has a handful of openings for Legal Research Consultants over the spring and summer of 2020. This is a part-time, flexible position which would be geographically flexible even in the absence of a pandemic.

April 08, 2020 | Talking Points Memo

Max Moran


Department of JusticeEthics in Government

What Will Feds Do About Corporate Bailout Bill Corruption? Look To Walmart's Opioids Case

If and when we (likely inevitably) learn that bailed-out companies and multi-trillion dollar slush funds misuse the public disaster relief dollars doled out by the Trump administration in the wake of the pandemic, we should turn back to this Walmart story for further evidence of why big corporations are rarely held accountable.

April 07, 2020

Eleanor Eagan

Blog Post

Independent Agencies

March 2020 Update on the State of Independent Federal Agencies

The federal government’s independent federal agencies receive too little attention relative to their importance to our collective safety and prosperity. The Revolving Door Project has worked through multiple channels to shed light on these overlooked agencies and the threats that they face. We hope public education will generate pressure to safeguard the independence of these agencies and ensure that they are staffed with advocates for the public interest rather than corporate insiders.