April 18, 2024

Jeff Hauser Sarah Lipton-Lubet Lisa Graves

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RELEASE: Watchdog Orgs And Court Reform Advocates Debut New Database Cataloging Right-Wing Groups' Amicus Briefs, Connections To SCOTUS Justices

Today, Take Back the Court, Revolving Door Project, and True North Research released a new database highlighting the troubling connections between the Supreme Court’s right-wing justices, the right-wing organizations that have weighed in on cases before the court, and the major donors funding them

February 09, 2024 | The American Prospect

Max Moran

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Durbin Must Enforce His SCOTUS Investigation Subpoenas

Uncovering Crow’s and Leo’s full relationships with the Court is precisely the sort of scenario for which Congress has subpoena powers in the first place. As of now, these plutocrats have been able to scoff at the will of elected leaders. Durbin’s actions, or lack thereof, will inform whether history remembers this Congress as stepping up or shrugging off one of the greatest threats to the American legal system in our lifetimes.